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January 15th Q&A

  1. What can spotting during your cycle mean? My friend is 31 and has had "normal" as in 28 day ish cycles her whole life with no spotting. In recent cycles, she has started to spot and this last cycle spotted every 3 days. Could it be related to having had covid/vaccine?

  2. Hi, my friend had really bad hyperemesis gravidarum with both of her pregnancies. I remember on one of your posts you said this can be related to high estrogen. Her naturopath ran her estrone and estradiol and both were right in the middle of the normal ranges ( 104 and 107.6 during her luteal phase). Could her hyperemesis gravidarum still be related to high estrogen during pregnancy, or do you know of other causes?

  3. Do you recommend cupping for muscles? I've heard it's good for blood flow, relieving anxiety, and more. I'm curious your thoughts on it!

  4. I have seen you say that it is good to eat within 30 minutes-1 hour of waking up. How many calories should this meal be? I usually am still a little drowsy from waking up at this time and don't feel like making a large meal. Is a small snack okay, with a larger meal later in the morning?

  5. Do you know if recurrent bacterial vaginosis be a sign of hormone imbalance? Do you know of effective natural treatments?

  6. Hi! Can you expand on why GMO' foods are bad for our health? How do they affect our bodies? Thank you! :)

  7. Can you talk about taking Milk Thistle to help body prep for pregnancy and preventing morning sickness? I’ve seen lots of testimonies that taking it for 3-5 months leading up to pregnancy and then for the pregnancy reduced or eliminated morning sickness SO much. Super intriguing to me as my morning sickness has gotten worse with my pregnancies. What else can I do to prep my body? Thanks

  8. I have a handful of different holistic type practitioners but I don't have someone currently who can run these kinds of tests (I don't think). I have been hesitant to find/see a GP of any kind and I'm not sure where to look/who I'm looking for when it comes to a practitioner that could help with this. I know you mentioned you'd love to help me and get me on your waiting list, which I would also love! But bc this is feeling urgent to me I'm not sure I can wait. I am feeling some urgency around finding out what's going on because we would like to try to be pregnant again soon but I don't want to do that if I have a serious issue with one of my organs obviously. If you have any suggestions or can tell me why kind of practitioner I should be looking for, that would be super helpful.

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