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How to Support Your Gallbladder

A well-functioning, supported gallbladder is vital when it comes to digestive and hormonal health. A well-functioning gallbladder will do everything from aiding in nutrient absorption, preventing bacterial overgrowth, clearing excess estrogen, and helping maintain digestive regularity and beyond.

Unfortunately, many are suffering from an unsupported gallbladder.

What are some indications of an unsupported gallbladder?

  • gallbladder pain

  • nausea and vomiting

  • digestive issues

  • undigested fat

  • chronic bloating (especially after a fat-rich meal)

What are some things that you can do to support your gallbladder?

Area of Focus #1:

The first thing you can do is eat regularly, and if you struggle with digestion, it can help if you eat smaller meals and snacks versus eating larger meals. Eating a balanced ratio of carbohydrates and bio-available protein in a meal is also a great way to support digestion by giving your liver the glucose (from carbohydrates) and the amino acids (from protein) that it needs to function properly and thrive.

Area of Focus #2:

Herbal support is the second area that I suggest focusing on when it comes to gallbladder support. Although everyone responds differently to different supplements, I do have a few favorites that I suggest for digestive and gallbladder support.

  • Oregon grape root (liver support)

  • Nettle (kidney support, supporting these helps the liver be supported)

  • Milk thistle (a classic, but still so helpful!)

Area of Focus #3:

Try alternative therapies, like castor oil packs (I have a video demonstrating how to do these packs on this membership), coffee enemas, and acupuncture. Although these modalities are outside of the realm of nutrition and supplementation, they can be beneficial for supporting the gallbladder. Remember, the body and all of the different parts work together and not in isolation!

A bonus tip: using digestive bitters, like the ones from Herban Moonshine, are a great way to stimulate more bile flow. You can also add lemon into your water while at a restaurant or eat a few bites of well-washed greens if your stomach can handle it.

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