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How to Support The Skin Microbiome - Our Immune System's First Line of Defense

Our bodies first line of defense from bacteria and viruses is the skin. As our first line of defense, it should be supported as much as possible. Our skin has a microbiome that needs to be balanced and supported to do its job.

There are supposed to be good bacteria on the skin to battle the harmful bacteria and toxins we tend to pick up throughout the day. When we constantly use antibacterial & conventional soap, we wash away the harmful and the good bacteria. This leaves room for bad bacteria to take over and makes the rest of our immune system work harder, which can be very stressful for the body.

How can we support our skins microbiome?

Use an enzymatic body cleanse, like Aleavia.

When a cleanse like this is used, it leaves the good bacteria on the skin and washes away the harmful bacteria. Because it contains prebiotics, the cleanse feeds the good bacteria as well.

All in all, not only does this keep the good bacteria and the skin's defenses up, but it also helps it to multiply and become stronger.

Avoid excess antibacterial soap usage, and consider using colloidal silver gel instead. For a brand recommendation, I suggest Silverbiotics.

While this applies to hand-washing and washing out bodies, it's also important to note that this applies to washing the face. Many who struggle with acne are used to stripping the skin of all bacteria, which can provide relief in the short term, but in the end, the microbiome is at a disadvantage due to the lack of good bacteria. A good solution to this is to avoid harsh cleansers that contain surfactants as much as possible and opt for a more gentle approach. My top two suggestions for face-wash include the CocoKind prebiotic wash (great for normal/dry skin) and the 100% Pure Tea Tree and Willow face-wash for acne-prone skin.

It can seem overwhelming to switch out your regular cleansers for prebiotic and probiotic friendly cleaners, but you don't have to make the switch all at once. Decide what you want to replace first (this might be what you are running low on) and go from there.

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