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Homemade Oat Milk

Although high quality dairy can be a great option for some, it's not always going to be a great fit for everyone. Oftentimes, digestive dysfunction can cause the body to have a difficult time digesting dairy, and an alternative is needed. Other times, someone is just looking for a dairy free alternative to nut milk. Whatever the reason may be, this homemade oat milk recipe is easy to make and delicious. I hope that you enjoy!

What you'll need:

Organic rolled oats

4 cups purified water

Clean towel to strain with (a kitchen towel is best)

How to make it:

Blend oats + water in a high speed blender on high for 30-45 seconds. After blending, strain through a clean towel to ensure that no pulp from the oats gets through.

Optional: add a pinch of salt, a splash or vanilla, or a touch of cinnamon (or all 3!) to add more flavor to your oat milk.

Unlike grocery store oat milk, this homemade oat milk is free of oat, synthetic vitamin additives and irritating gums. It's also a lot less expensive - which is a huge bonus.

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