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Histamine Supportive Apricot Blueberry Refresher

Histamine is a compound that is released by cells in response to injury or an allergen. Many struggle with symptoms of high histamine for one of two reasons: they do not create enough of the DAO enzyme required to break histamine down properly, or they are dealing with an overabundance due to environmental factors. Many struggle with both. Symptoms of high histamine can include: headaches, nausea, hives, digestive issues, anxiety, and even hormonal struggles. A helpful plan of action in many cases is to (1) support the gut via GI map testing, and to (2) support the body with compounds that can help support higher levels of histamine. This apricot blueberry refresher is a delicious way to support the body's response to histamine, but I will share that most individuals that struggles with symptoms of high histamine benefit from testing, support and continued guidance in their health journey.

Histamine Supportive Apricot Tea


- 2 dried apricots

- 1 tbsp. organic apricot nectar (optional)

- 1/4 cup blueberry

- 1.4 dried blueberry

- 2 bags organic nettle tea (Traditional Medicinals brand)


Boil 12oz. purified water and add nettle tea bags, along with dried fruit (apricot and blueberries), and steep for 30 minutes to allow blueberry and apricot flavors to infuse into water

Strain mixture and discard dried fruit and tea bags, and pour over ice

Add blueberries and apricot nectar to mixture, and (optional) add mint to garnish


(Please note: although dried fruit can be high in histamine, these are naturally low histamine fruits, and I often see individuals tolerate this recipe well due to the infused flavors vs. the whole fruit.)


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