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Herbal Nutrient Infusion (multi-vitamin alternative)

Herbal Infusion Multi-Vitamin

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I educate others about multivitamins and why they are not the best option for many when reaching nutrient needs.

While I emphasize the importance of getting micronutrients through food, it can also help have additional support at times.

Here's how you can make your own herbal multivitamin infusion. You can either use loose leaves or opt for a daily tea blend of all of these herbs. Another option is to use herbal tinctures, as mentioned in the video that goes with this post. The video's purpose is to help you understand what these 3 herbal options are: loose leaf, tea bags, or herbal tinctures.

What You'll Need:

A glass jar

Nettle (1 oz)

Roobios (1 oz)

Raspberry leaf (1 oz)

Oatstraw (1 oz)

Peppermint (1 oz)

Brand recommendations: Mountainrose Herbs, Frontier Herbs

How to an Infusion:

Fill a 12 oz. glass jar with herbs, boil purified water, pour boiled water over herbs until water is near the top, and screw lid onto the jar. Leave overnight and allow to steep. To optimal results, allow steeping on the counter overnight. Use a strainer when you are ready to serve, and drink 4 oz. of the infusion daily.


Teabags - if you want to use tea bags, you can use one bag of the abovementioned teas and brew in a large mug with 12 oz. of water.

Brand recommendations: Traditional Medicinals

Tinctures - if you are very limited on time, or if you travel often, then herbal tinctures might be a helpful tool for you. You can find the abovementioned herbs from the brand Herb Pharm or Gaia Herbs.

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