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Gut Nourishing Colostrum Smoothie Recipe

Colostrum is produced by mammals prior to giving birth, and it is rich in antibodies, and also soothes and nourishes the GI tract. Many of my clients who struggle with their immune systems benefit from choosing to add colostrum into their daily routine - and in this recipe, you will learn how how to add this in an easy and enjoyable way.


- 1 cup yogurt of choice (organic dairy, coconut, etc. - look for a low sugar, high protein option with minimal ingredients)

- 1 tsp. colostrum (I suggest Ancestral Supplements for colostrum, use code KALEMEKOURT to save) [you can break open capsules to measure]

- 2 tbsp. collagen + 10 grams if using a lower protein yogurt (under 10 grams per serving is low protein)

- 1/4 cup fruit of choice, or 2 tsp. organic vanilla bean paste


- blend together, add ice to desired consistency

- enjoy!


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