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February 3rd Q & A

Updated: Feb 8

This video answers questions regarding beef liver, tension headaches, protein powder, low appetite, and beyond.

Although things usually go smoothly with technology, there are always some glitches that happen in life. With this video, we had a small technical error where a small portion of an answer was left off, so here is the full answer below.

Question: I find I don’t have much of an appetite. I’m thinking it means my thyroid is still healing or something so but what can I do to increase appetite? I’m busy raising my three beautiful kids and helping run a big business, so I can’t be in the kitchen all day (although I’d love to be).

Answer: When it comes to appetite, it can be low for a few reasons, including high stress, low stomach acid, pathogenic overgrowth, an understimulated vagus nerve, elevated calcium in the blood, and poor enzymatic function. I suggest beginning your day in a stress-free way (if possible) by reading, journaling, drinking ginger tea, and even humming and singing to stimulate the vagus nerve. I have a vagus nerve exercise video under the self-care section.

Plan your snacks and meals out by having everything ready to go in the fridge, and aim to get nutrients through liquids. Bone broth, protein-rich smoothies, and an adrenal cocktail with collagen are all great options. As you eat more, your appetite should increase even more! You can even take walks to stimulate your appetite.

The following questions were answered in this Q & A video:

1. I have a question for the weekly q&a. I've tried supplementing with liver supplements from Ancestral Supplements, but always wind up with a upset stomach and diarrhea if I take more than two or three pills a day so I've never been able to get up to the recommended dosage. Any idea why this may be happening?

2. I find I don't have much for an appetite. I'm thinking it means thyroid is still healing or something but what can I do to increase appetite? I'm busy raising my 3 beautiful kids and helping run a big business so I can't be in the kitchen all day (although I'd love to be)

3. What protein powder do you recommend? I currently use one called Nature's Plus Spiru-tein made from spirulina but I want to make sure I'm using a good one!

4. When is the best time to take supplements? Are there foods you can eat to increase absorption?

5. Remedies for headaches? I end up having to take Excedrin because otherwise I'm useless. How can I support my liver afterwards? :)

6. Hello, I am newly pregnant!! What supplements in general for a healthy pregnancy do you recommend? I am currently not taking prenatal and trying to get nutrition from foods

7. I have trying to be more conscious when making meals, making sure that they're balanced for blood sugar (carb, protein, fat). I struggle most with breakfast food though. I love oatmeal but find that my breakfasts tend to be heavy on the carbs. I'd love recommendations for breakfast and for increasing protein! Thank you! :)

8. Last Q&A you shared about beef heart. Can you share more about that? Why beef heart? I've been on beef liver

9. What brand magnesium bicarbonate was that in your supplement video?

10. Thoughts about taking some psyllium husk in the morning for a little extra bowel support?

For the NAC by Jarrow (mentioned in the video, question 5), please see link: https://www.jarrow.com/product/323/N-A-C_Sustain

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