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February 24th Q&A Coaching

1. I saw in your other videos that you recommend L-Lysine and small amounts of vitamin D. What brands of supplementation do you recommend for these?

2. I’m on my third cycle in a row since 2014 (between four pregnancies and breastfeeding my babies I’ve barely had any periods). My periods themselves have been really uneventful but each time ovulating has been painful. I get cramping in the front and back and my whole pelvic area feels really uncomfortable for 1-2 days. What gives!? Why is this happening now and what can I do to help it stop?

3. Hello, loving the worthy womanhood so far! I am "overweight" (230lbs), lost 30 lbs last year and then gained 15lbs back after starting to eat pro metabolically. I would ideally like to get to a lower weight, and have struggled with my weight since I was young. Tips for weight loss, while simultaneously healing? It's a real struggle for me to lose weight so I'm suspecting an underlying issue. Do you recommend macro counting/exercising for weight loss, as this is how I've done it before? Now recently hearing too much exercise and cutting cals isn't ideal metabolically. Where do I find balance?

4. Hi there! I started taking inositol after watching the q and a videos. I never heard of it before! Thank you!! It has taken some of the edge off of my low blood sugar episodes. Is it safe to take with milk thistle? Mt has helped with my scalp psoriasis (150mg jarrow 1x a day). I started taking Jarrow inositol (1x 750 mg) few days ago now I am taking two (1x am 1xpm) What is the average dose?

5. I’ve had issues digesting dairy in the past and am sticking to small amounts of grass fed butter, ghee, raw cheese, and goat milk products for now. Should I be worried about not getting enough calcium? Are there any other foods I should be regularly eating to make sure I’m getting enough?

6. How do you get more vitamin E in your diet not eating to many nuts and seeds? Is it a good idea to supplement?

7. I have been feeling very anxious and depressed lately and can't seem to shake these feelings. I know trauma plays into this a lot, but I've also read that your thyroid could play a role too. If so, what is something I can do to get myself back on track?

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