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February 1st Q & A

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The following questions were answered in this video:

1. My question is I tend to have a 6 hour gap between lunch and dinner because of how my work schedule is. Any suggestions on a filling snack or mini meal that could be quick and able to eat at my desk if needed. I usually do cheese and a beef stick cheese every day is not ideal for me

2. How to get my lymphatic system moving outside of guasha and dry brushing?

3. I’m pregnant! now what? top 3-5,6 most important things i should be eating.

4. I got off birth control exactly a year ago and I'm still struggling to get my period back to normal(about 40 days right now) and I have cystic acne. I have a very long follicular phase and all the symptoms for estrogen dominance right before my period. I was wondering if you have any suggestions for diet, or supplements

5. What shampoo and face wash do you recommend?

6. Would love to know what your book recommendations are for all things health & wellness.

7. Suggestions for increasing bile post gallbladder removal. Had mine out 15 years ago at 22! Just discovered milk thistle. It helps a lot. Is it a long term option? Dandelion tea was okay.

8. For someone with MTHFR Gene Mutation. What type of nutritional changes should I be making to my diet?

9. I saw myself get acne when I consume omega 3 or fatty products such as coconut, nuts, flaxseed, avocado, salmon,...I know everyone recommends them for PCOS, but do you know why I am like that and how to cure it? Thank you so much for answering me

10. Hey! So excited to be a part of the worthy womanhood! What are some good pro metabolic bedtime snacks?

11. How do you recommend starting to re-build your gut health following a stomach bug or food poisoning?

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