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February 19th Q & A Coaching

1. What are the main/root causes of extreme fatigue (tired from the minute you wake up) but then you can’t fall asleep at night? And how do you treat those causes?

2. In a previous Q&A you mentioned supplements that would be better to take in the afternoon. Could you go in to detail a little about what would be beneficial to support energy and mind.

3. I've heard you mention the importance of Magnesium. And you've mentioned that you use Magnesium Chelate and that you also like Magnesium BiCarbonate. I have heard some other people online talk about Magnesium Glycinate. Can you discuss whether we should be using just one form of Magnesium or if we need multiple ones and if so, what is the use/ need for each specific kind? Thanks for all your great content!!

4. I struggle with histamine intolerance. My throat gets tingly, inflamed lymph nodes, headaches when I eat too much avocado, dairy, certain fruits. Any suggestions on how to decrease side affects? I would love to incorporate bone broth and fermented foods eventually without symptoms...

5. I have reintroduced dairy back into my diet but I am having constant issues with ear aches and bad ear pressure as well as sinus drainage and mucus. Can this be due to the dairy back in my diet? If so, what should I do. I am eating raw cheeses, grass fed butter and drinking Kalona milk.

6. I have been waking up this week at around 3-4 am consistently every night and am wide awake when it happens. What can I do to stay asleep through the night? And is this a thyroid issue?

7. What would you do differently for a client experiencing Ulcerative Colitis than for a normal gut healing protocol? Thank you!

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