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February 15th Q & A Coaching

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The following questions were answered in this video:

  1. Hi Kourtney! What is your opinion on the supplement L-lysine? I started taking it after researching (from Organic Olivia's YouTube video about curing acne) that it stops DHT from converting into testosterone, therefore reducing hormonal acne breakouts. Do you know if it's safe for long-term use? Or if there are any side effects? Thank you!!

  2. Is it true that your symptoms can get worse before they get better as you detox excess estrogen, PUFAs, etc.? How do you know if your body is detoxing and doing what it's supposed to, or if your symptoms are getting worse and something needs to change?

  3. I’m planning on trying myo inositol for some potential insulin resistance (as per your recommendation so thank you for that 😊) I don’t have PCOS and have pretty regular periods, can inositol affect my cycles or ovulation? Is there a brand you recommend? Thanks so much, I just love all of the content here!

  4. What is your opinion on vitamin D supplementation? It’s one of the first things they recommend giving to a newborn. We are way up North and for this half of the year we get less than 8-9 hour sunshine a day for months + it’s super cold out and don’t get outside much. I’m also breastfeeding. It’s been drilled into me to take mega doses of vitamin d for so long, I just have such a hard time wrapping my mind around this one

  5. What causes skin tags and is there any way to treat/eliminate them? Insulin resistance can - that is the main cause, that and friction.

  6. Hi Kourtney! I am curious if you have any suggestions about delaying early ovulation. I ovulate at day 7. Im excited I ovulate at all after using the pill for over a decade. I've been off for over a year. I have had a cycle every month 25 to 28 days, always ovulate day 7, 8, or 9. I've tried b6 30mg every day for 3 cycles but doesn't seem to make a difference.

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