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February 12th Q & A

The following questions were answered in this video:

  1. Hi wondering your thoughts on seeking health prenatal essentials supplement.

  2. What specific recommendations do you have for breastfeeding moms nutritionally and supplementally? Baby is just over a year and not entirely dependent upon milk but I feel like my supply has dipped with the return of my period a few weeks ago.

  3. What are the best ways to reduce testosterone levels?

  4. Would love some breakfast smoothie recipes that hit all the desired macros! Mornings are so busy over here and I would love to be able to prep in advance.

  5. Your thoughts on removing coffee the week leading up to menstruation? Is it necessary?

  6. How to best handle candida overgrowth without a zero sugar, kill, and rebalance-type protocol? Just did an OAT that showed mild overgrowth and that’s basically what the practitioner recommended

  7. I’ve been trying to eat “pro metabolic”Since October of last year. I have Hashimoto’s and now I think I have insulin resistance- tons of skin tags have started to pop up. What should my next steps be? Thank you!

  8. If we have been following "pro-metabolic" style eating for a while and haven't seen improvements, what are some things you suggest looking into? Thank you!

  9. I think I might have SIBO! Is it true that you have to temporarily eliminate ALL sugar to get rid of it? Any tips? Thank you!!

  10. As I have approached menopause I have gained 10-15 pounds, predominantly in the abdomen. I don’t have many of the typical symptoms, except for a few hot flashes at night. I have implemented the raw carrot salad and much of the pro metabolic way of eating. I also use bioidentical progesterone and exercise 5 days a week but I am not seeing any weight loss. Honestly just nothing seems to get the weight to move. Do you suggest a lower caloric intake as we get older? What about macros? Should those be adjusted with age? I heard your recent Instagram story about not just following this pro metabolic way as a dogma but I’m not totally sure what part I should implement at this age and what parts I need to adjust.

  11. I desire to gain weight but I am in a diet to control PCOS and hormonal acne. I am a kind of slim person. Could you help me how to improve them?

  12. I feel like I am having more insulin sensitivity now that I am pregnant. I am switching to more fruit based carbs to see if that will help, eating carb + protein every 3 hours. I really don't want to get Gestational Diabetes, how can I help insulin while pregnant?

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