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Easy Breakfast/Mid-morning Snack (Eggs, Parmesan Crisps + Fruit)

For many, it can be difficult to eat a nourishing breakfast upon waking due to time constraints. Some of my favorite, easy options for breakfast include hardboiled eggs, fruit, and parmesan crips, due to the fact that there is zero cooking or prep-work involved.

If you are wanting to add even more protein to your breakfast/snack, I suggest adding collagen to your coffee or even trying a few slices of quality lunch meat.

To make this breakfast/snack in the easiest way possible, I suggest considering buying pre-made hardboiled eggs if there is room in your budget. In total, this quick meal took me 30 seconds to piece together. If you have an egg sensitivity, I suggest trying duck eggs, or swapping eggs for turkey lunch meat. If you cannot have dairy, add avocado in place of the parmesan crisps.

You can change ratios of the ingredients (or swap out the kind of fruit used), but here's what I did. You can have this amount, or more, or less - it all depends on your specific needs.


- 2 hardboiled eggs

- 3 parmesan crisps

- 2.5 kiwis (can be swapped with 1.5 cups of mango, 2 cups of strawberries, 2 cups of pineapple, 1 medium honey crisp apple, or 1.5 cups of watermelon)

On the side, I enjoyed a latte with 18 grams of collagen protein, so that I had enough protein for breakfast. I always drink coffee after breakfast to prevent a spike in cortisol, and I always instruct my clients to do the same.

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