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Building Macronutrient Friendly Meals: Breakfast and Lunch with a 2:1 Carb/Protein Ratio

If you have already walked through the Health Foundation's Roadmap, then you are probably familiar with the importance of being aware of macronutrients. Because I believe that managing stress and avoiding "diet-culture" mindsets is very important in everyone's healing journey, I have decided to visually show you how to craft macronutrient friendly meals.

In this new series of posts, I will be sharing what your meals might look like if you are eating around 2,000 calories, and aiming for a 2:1 carb to protein ratio, which is what most will benefit the most from. (Many of my clients are at a 1:1 ratio if I see that it's a need, but ultimately, I do aim to move most from a 1:1, to a 1.5:1, to a 2:1 ratio, depending on how they are responding to food, while I also take several health markers into account.)

In some posts next week, I will share what you should look for when building 1:1 protein and carb plates, but in these post, we will take a look at 2:1, because this is the most common ratio. While some do eat a ratio of 3:1, I typically only suggest that for children or someone who is sick (or pregnant and is having protein aversions). Overall, that ratio should be reserved for special situations in my opinion due to the importance that adequate protein intake plays in supporting the body.

Please keep in mind that this picture below is representative of ratios, meaning it's intended to teach you how to look for and be aware of what you are combining in the kitchen. While the meals below are nourishing, they might not be the most ideal meals for each individual, due to a number of health factors that cause individuals to respond in their own unique way to food. If you want to experiment with creating 2:1 plates using your favorite foods, you can always search the macronutrient content online (or look on the back of your food packages) and use a food scale or measuring cups to measure out portions, so you can have an idea of what your ideal plates look like for you.

Without further ado, check out these portions below, take some mental notes, and try piecing your meals together in a similar fashion is a 2:1 carbs and protein ratio works well for you. This post contains breakfast, coffee and a lunch example, and the next post will share a mid-morning snack and example, a dinner example, and a bedtime snack example.

Later this week, I will share what the snacks and dinner portion sizes look like for the 2:1 carb to protein ratio. Stay tuned!

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