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August 30th Q&A Coaching

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

  1. I would love any information on supporting the bladder. I deal with chronic UTIs and interstitial cystitis and I'm curious how I can support my bladder but also how it's connected to body/metabolism issues as a whole. Thank you for all the work you put into this membership!

  2. Hey there I saw your trace mineral drops in an Instagram reel you did, How would a person use this to help maintain good mineral status? The bottle recommends 40 drops a day.

  3. Hey Kourtney, This is for a friend who needs help so I hope it’s okay if I ask a question for her. She has Medullary Sponge kidneys but hasn’t had issues in years. Since taking beef liver the last few months it helped her in tons of other areas with reducing period symptoms and heaviness, increasing energy and other things, she has gotten several UTI’s over the last few months and has even needed antibiotics which she hates since she’s very holistically minded. She went off beef liver and did a mix of beef organs for awhile and didn’t see the same benefits but didn’t get any uti’s. She went back on the beef liver and within a week had another bad UTI. She takes oregano oil, cranberry pills and garden of life vitamin c if she feels something coming on and also a probiotic off and on. She started all these since having so many reoccurring UTI’s. She eats great food off her land as well. Do you know of any correlation or what could possibly be causing this? She really wants relief and for this to not be an issue anymore and she’s really hoping it’s not the beef liver causing it.

  4. I see that you help women get pregnant who have PCOS, what’s typically the cause of infertility with PCOS?

  5. Hey Kourtney! Recently I’ve been having headaches mid-day when I’m at work. My go-to used to be excedrin, but now I’m learning that this might not be the best choice for me. What else can I do! Thank you!

  6. Hey Kourtney, I want to work 1:1 with you soon, but I was wondering if you have any tips of what I can do in the meantime to prepare. I have PCOS and I also think my thyroid is causing problems again - my fatigue and has come back recently.

  7. hello! I love this membership, what’s the best thing to do I’m needing to support myself post pregnancy? Sometimes it seems like I don’t have time to care for myself

  8. How do I know if I’m a good fit for 1:1? I love the membership but feel like there could be more I need help with

  9. How long to prep before baby?

  10. What’s your favorite current supplement?

  11. How do I do what you’re doing! Love your content and would love to be a practitioner like you one day!

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