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Armpit Detox Mask + Probiotic Pit Spray

While many of you who are already further into your health journey are already using a non-toxic deodorant (and if you aren't, that can be a helpful step to take), I want to share two more tools to help you: an armpit detox mask and probiotic pit spray recipe!

Armpit Detox Mask Ingredients:

- 4 tbsp. bentonite clay

- 4 tbsp. apple cider vinegar


Mix together (it's that simple!) and spread over pits, allow to dry and sit for 10-20 minutes. It's best if you do this mask a day after shaving (if you shave), and if any irritation occurs, wash immediately.

Probiotic Pit Spray:

- 6 oz. purified water

- 1-3 capsules probiotics (I like using one Just Thrive + 1 Women's Garden of Life Dr.'s Formulated probiotics)

- Optional: rose, patchouli, or eucalyptus essential oil (3 drops)


Mix ingredients together in a glass bottle (I suggest an amber spray bottle from Amazon, Etsy or Whole Foods), and shake. Spray daily on armpits in place of or before deodorant. This can also be used at night if you do prefer to wear deodorant during the day.

How Do These Work?

The ACV + clay mask work by removing impurities from the armpits, and also balancing the PH of the skin. The probiotic spray helps support the microbiome of the skin, which will reduce odor caused by pathogenic bacteria on the skin. Some find that as they support the microbiome of their skin, their need for deodorant decreases, or completely goes away.

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