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Are You "Hypo-Metabolic?"

It seems as though the average woman is in a poor metabolic state aka their metabolism is struggling. Before you think, "Oh I just take xyz to boost my metabolism," think again and read this article. Women especially live in a place of being stressed, overworked, under nourished and consistently on some sort of diet. It is pretty common nowadays to see people have a slow metabolism due to all of these factors. Your metabolism is the system in your body that converts your food into energy. This helps drive all other functions in your body as well. It helps deliver every cell in the body the nutrients and minerals it needs to function.

We can talk all day about the SYMPTOMS these common struggles cause, but we have to understand that there is something deeper going on. There is always something deeper going on. Something triggered these symptoms - and that's as close to understanding a "root cause" as we will likely ever get.

We have to look deeper. We have to aim to identify what went wrong the first time, so these very frustrating symptoms (that, like I said, can lead to other symptoms) are less likely to return. We need balance, and through time and intentionality, it's possible to work towards a place of balance.

You aren't broken, you have most likely experienced a lot of metabolic dysfunction. I see AMAZING things happen to my clients when we look at the full picture of their health - and I see them be able to maintain these changes long term.

After years of yo-yo dieting, continuous stress based exercising, eating plants and trying to eat as little as possible you might end up with a slow metabolism or you might become hypometabolic. These individuals will oftentimes have a mixture of the symptoms listed below.

Signs of a slow metabolism: Poor Digestion (constipation and bloating) Low or High Pulses Cold Hands and Feet Low Libido Hair Loss PMS/Irregular Cycle Low Energy Mood Swings

Hormonal Imbalances (low progesterone and high DHEA)

Most women end up in this state and stay here for years because they think it's just them aging. When in fact this can completely be reversed with supporting a healthy metabolism. Stop looking for the next diet trend to hop on, or supplement to take that is supposedly going to “boost” your metabolism. You have to go back to the basics of nourishing. Below are a list of items to start incorporating in your routines to support a healthy and strong metabolism. Metabolism support tips: Eat every 3-4 hours Eat fruits, root vegetables, animal proteins and high quality dairy

Strength train a few days a week

Limited HIIT training

More low impact exercise and cardio

Plenty of walking (10,000 steps daily)

Sleep 7-9 hours per night

Limit caffeine intake

Avoiding working out fasted

Incorporate healthy stress management techniques not more exercise

Evaluate your environmental stressors

If you need support, keep an eye out for Kale Me Kourt groups registration launching on August 1, 2022. This time, even more labs and more support is included. See you there!

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