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Are Toxic Candles Harming Your Health?

Did you know the air quality inside your home could be worse than the air outside your home?

The holidays are here, and lots of people are burning their favorite fall and winter candles day in and day out. Some of the ingredients used in most candles have been tested in studies, and they have found that the smoke from candles is just as harmful as secondhand smoke from a cigarette and matches the toxin profile of diesel fuel!

Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there. Chronic use of candles can cause lots of long term effects on the systems of the body. Let's break down the most common ingredients in candles and talk about why they're harmful.

Paraffin wax: when this is burned, benzene & toluene are released into the air

Benzene: a known carcinogen, has harmful effects on bone health (bone marrow), can cause anaemia, leukemia, decreases red blood cell count, diminishes immune function, and multiplies the risk of infections.

Formaldehyde: a known carcinogen, can cause shortness of breath, affect lung function, respiratory system, can cause leukemia, can change brain function (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, brain cancer)

Fragrance: can cause forgetfulness, loss of coordination, respiratory symptoms, neurotoxic symptoms (limb weakness/numbness, loss of memory, vision & intellect), can trigger asthma attacks & aggravate sinus conditions, affects reproductive health, affects developmental health.

Toluene: affects developmental health, reproductive health, could cause an irregular heartbeat, fainting, case affect the nervous system, or can contribute to neurological disorders like dementia.

What can you do about it?

Instead of choosing conventional candles, opt for essential oils, safe candle alternatives like beeswax candles. I like Plant Therapy, DeTerra, and Young Living for essential oils.

Buy candles that don't use paraffin wax or fragrance. Farmers markets & small businesses are great for this, as they often will use better ingredients when compared to big brands. Ask them their process if they aren't transparent about it already, as they'll probably be more than up for telling you about it.

Consider buying an air purifier such as The AirDoctor. Use the promo code "KALEMEKOURT" to save $300!

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