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April 5th Q&A Coaching

1. Hi, I’ve been eating pro metabolic for about a year. I have had two breast thermography’s done and both have shown increased vascularity. Is this an effect of healing? Too much estrogen? I’m so frustrated! :25

2. Hi ! For a while, I have been having problem with pain in the pubic bone area whenever I start working out while on my period. It is so intense that I can't do anything but wait for it to calm down. Usually lasts 8-10 minutes. Other than this, my period is regular. If pertinent to know, I have changed my workout to short intensive exercises before it started happening and also had juste gotten my cycles back after Istopped menstruating because of weight loss (which i gotback). Thank you so much foryour time! 2:53

3. What are your thoughts on red light therapy? 5:30

4. Do you have a particular brand of collagen that you recommend and what should I look for when buying a collagen powder?? I've been using vital proteins but am wondering if there's one you prefer. Thank you! 6:28

5. What do you recommend for vitamin D? I live in a state that pushes mega doses of vitamin D because we don’t get a lot of sunshine and our winters are long and dark. I had been taking 2000 iu of vitamin D daily until I read that a vitamin D deficiency is more of a magnesium deficiency. I’m not currently taking vitamin D, how can I make sure I’m getting enough? I’ve noticed recently that all of the milk in our stores has vitamin D added and there is no option for milk without vitamin D, what are your thoughts? 8:29

6. Do you recommend shilijat or vitamin k2 supplementation? I see these a lot in PM conversations. What does shilijat do? 9:43

7. Hi! I'm wondering if there's a connection between having been on many rounds of antibiotics as a child & even teen, & skin issues as an adult. I'm suffering from really dry (I used to have very oily skin), red, & acne prone skin. I've tried many topical things & dietary changes. I'm wondering if I have some gut issues or hormonal imbalances that need to be addressed and what type of medical professional to consult or blood panels to request. Thank you! 11:42

8. What can I do if I’m just wired before bed? It feels like I’m caffeinated but I’m not, I don’t drink coffee. I can’t relax and don’t sleep great. I’ve tried magnesium hydroxide but it made me more wired. What can I try? 16:25

9. I have reduced drinking coffee for a while now and can only tolerate a small cup once or twice a month. It makes me fidgety and messes up my digestion. I have read that it's because it is high in oxalates and is a diuretic. I see that you drink coffee regularly, so I'm curious what your thoughts are about my reactions. Is the problem with the coffee or is it with me? 18:37

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