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April 26th Q&A Coaching

1. I’m going to my obgyn soon to get yearly bloodwork done. I was previously diagnosed with PCOS, so my doctor recommended I get testing done every year. Previously, they’ve tested my hormone, thyroid, and vitamin D levels. What do you recommend that I ask they test for? 1:12

2. I’m so happy to be part of WW! I’m currently healing from a vegan diet (vegetarian 5 years then vegan around 3 years!) and I honestly can’t get enough of learning about nourishing REAL food!My question is - how to face eating breakfast even with no appetite for it? As a vegan I always had sweet smoothies or a sweet coffee, I find it SO difficult to eat in the mornings. 5:10

3. I couldn't find anything on your site about probiotic foods. For example, my husband and I love water kefir. I brew it so that it's not overly sweet and I'm sure to pair it with a protein snack. I think I've heard you mention that probiotic supplements are not especially useful because the probiotics are killed by stomach acid. Is this true of fermented foods as well? I know there is a benefit to fermented foods insofar as they can be easier to digest, but is there a benefit to ingesting the beneficial bacteria as well? 6:00

4. How do you figure out how much water you should drink in a day? 8:00

5. Hi! Sometimes i just want a meatless option to eat. I noticed if i eat too much meat, i get disgusted after a while. What are some good things i can eat or snack on that does not have meat? 9:33

6. Recently diagnosed with MTHFR C677T and wondering how can I help my body’s detox pathways? 10:25

7. Hi ! Can commercial dairy (pasteurized, not raw) trigger or worsen inflammatory responses in the body like arthritis, etc ? If not, which foods could ? Thank you so much for your time ! 11:45

8. In what circumstances would you recommend a calcium supplement? My recent HTMA shows calcium and magnesium on the lower side and both were recommended as a supplement. 14:24

9. Love your page and all of your information! What do you suggest for extremely bad acid reflux/GERD? Try to have a clean diet and no pasta/bread/sauce but it’s still rough. Drink a ton of water, bone broth + coconut water. We removed as many toxins as I could from our home. To the point where I can feel it in my lungs after coughing. Then I get fevers, body aches and high pulse/low oxygen. Doctors say they don’t know what to do. Medications help only a little bit. I would appreciate any supplements, specific foods to eat or anything really! 17:11

10. I have a long history with chronic migraines. However, I feel like I had them more under control in the last year. Since starting to eat pro metabolically about two months ago, I have been waking up around 4:30am with horrible migraines. Sometimes I can wake at normal time, eat my 2 eggs, GF toast, OJ followed by coffee, organic cane sugar, collagen and cream and it will subside. Other times its too intense and requires migraine meds to subside. I've also changed pillows in my effort to find the cause. I also have a small carb/protein snack before bed. I feel like I'm nutritionally deficient in something to make this happen over and over at the same time. What could it be? 19:55

11. This is sort of random... but I have read that if our discharge causing a “bleach” type stain in your underwear is normal. Is that correct or is that actually our bodies way of trying to tell us something? 23:14

12. I’m a night shift nurse. Do you have any suggestions for how to handle eating during night shift? I work 12 hour shifts and have to eat at least once during that time frame. It is difficult because I only work 3 nights a week so I can’t completely flip my eating times around for the rest of those days. I struggle with heartburn and acid reflux on night shift 24:04

13. Is it okay to take thymus, a probiotic & magnesium bicarbonate if I am taking pantoprazole, sucralfate, montelukast and cetirizine? I have asthma and bad acid reflux. Thanks for your help!! 27:42

14. I have recently heard a “menopause” expert discussing the use of phytoestrogens and Soy isoflavones to help support the decreasing estrogen that a perimenopausal or menopausal women would have. She was basically saying that those phytoestrogens could trick our estrogen receptors Into thinking that we had enough estrogen. I have heard other research suffering that soy is really not good for women. What are your thoughts on this? 28:52

15. Hello, I was wondering what supplements or general things men can be doing to best support their fertility and health? 30:35

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