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April 12th Q&A Coaching

Updated: Apr 14

1. Do you recommend using sunscreen? I’ve read in the PM community that if you have the right nutrients and are eating the right way that you don’t need to use sunscreen much. If you do recommend, what brand do you like and how often/when do you recommend using? :50

2. Hi! I am 3 months postpartum and really struggling with fatigue, anxiety and overall overstimulation. I feel like my hormones are all over the place. I know this is somewhat normal but what can I do to support my body best right now? Any specific supplements or foods to incorporate? I’m already doing collagen, gelatin, beef liver, vitamin e as well as clary sage and progessence plus essential oils from young living. And I want to build muscle again but in a way that is least stressful, I have lifted heavy a couple times since birth but felt like my body was over stressed by it. 3:52

3. Help! Would love some seasonal allergy support tips. I live in the Midwest and I get terrible allergies every spring. 7:12

4. I have been eating pro-metabolically for 2-3 months now. last month I got my period right on time and it was the easiest period i have ever have. However, this month I have not received it yet and I know I'm not pregnant. The only thing that has changed is that I stopped taking so many supplements after I could understand how to nourish my body with food. Do you have any idea of what might be going on? Thanks! 7:52

5. Do you have any experience working with anyone to resolve a sun allergy? Three of my kids suffer with it and we’d love some answers/direction/suggestions. I love listening to these sessions, thank you! 9:27

6. I keep getting mouth ulcers. I feel like my body is constantly run down, and the sores tend to be a sign im getting sick. What can I do to prevent them? I’m so sick of being sick. 10:37

7. Any advice for helping spring allergies? Would a low histamine diet help during this time? I have to be going outside and my dog also seems to be bringing in all the pollen so I don’t think that has been helping 11:17

8. Hi ! Could you go deeper as to why animal protein is demonized VS your approach that embraces high quality animal protein ? It's so confusing how so many health advocates condone or prone meat and both seem to backed by studies. What are the facts regarding animal protein vs human health? Also, could you specify which animal protein should be bought organic, which should be grass-fed or pasture raised, wild caught, etc ? Thank you so much ! :) 12:15

9. I am perimenopausal woman who is still cycling. I have been following your advice regarding ratio for carbs, proteins and fats to help with weight loss. I do the raw carrot salad. I use some bio identical progesterone in the last few weeks of my cycle. I also do weekly castor oil packs and use milk thistle, as you have recommended. And recently added Dandelion Root tea, as well. I have noticed in my last few cycles that I am having extreme breast tenderness, almost feeling engorged. And i would say I probably go up an entire cup size during that time (few days before my period). which is something I have never ever dealt with before, even as a young woman. I also had my thyroid checked and it’s my understanding that my numbers were a little low, but not enough to really warrant supplementation. My A1C was 4.9, as well. I have seen a ND mention the use of something called Violet for breast tenderness. It contains something called molecular iodine but the directions say that those with underlying thyroid issues should be cautious in use of iodine. What are your thoughts on this? If i have low thyroid numbers should i not use iodine products?? And can you make any recommendations on anything to help with this pain that I’m experiencing??? And what could be causing this new issue? Thanks!! 16:25

10. I was on spironolactone for a year and it cleared up my acne completely. I recently stopped taking it and my acne is starting to come back (which makes sense). What does spironolactone do that made my skin clear up and why is it usually recommended for women with PCOS? 20:38

11. Hi Kourtney! My question might be long so I’m sorry in advance🤣 I understand some things can only be answered through one on one coaching but for the questions that can be answered, I figure it could help others too! I guess I’m just not sure what/what not to eat to heal my hormones/headaches. I’ve had headaches for 11 Years (I’m 26 now), and I have a somewhat irregular cycle (avg 28 days but the last 6 months have been between 27-31 days). I get acne, headaches, fatigue, cramps, and sore breasts almost every period. My current diet has improved over the last couple years, but I do like to snack and indulge in ice cream here and there (from a local farm stand). I avoid PUFAs as best as I can, I eat either chicken, beef or steak every week (weekends can be a toss up/eating out/pizza) and with the meat I eat either white/sweet potato or zucchini, pasta, or rice. Eggs and sourdough for breakfast with either ham or bacon, and oatmeal or protein shakes for a snack. I get about 7-9 of sleep per night, and try to drink enough water. I don’t know that I’m getting enough minerals.. Lastly, I take 3,000-4,000 IU of Vit D and 225 mg of Magnesium everyday. Is there anything you would change about what I’m doing/can see is wrong based off what I told you that could be causing my headaches/annoying cycles? Also, I am 5 ft 0 in, and weigh about 113 pounds (trying to gain weight but I think my metabolism is quick so it’s hard). I eat between 1,500-1,900 calories a day. Thank you and again sorry for this being so long!!! 22:28

12. What are your thought on eating chia seeds? They seem to be full of nutrients, but some say high in pufas. 25:42

13. I have had irregular periods my whole life. What are some things I can do to naturally induce a period? 26:07

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